Moving In and Out

Moving In

Here are a few things to think about before moving in:

  • Arrange with the utility company several weeks in advance for services not provided by your landlord.
  • Check the premises for rodents or pests and arrange for an exterminator if needed.
  • Put the first initial and last name of all occupants on your mailbox.
  • Note the condition of the apartment and notify the landlord, in writing, of any damage or needed repairs. Take pictures of any damage and/or needed repairs. Take pictures of any damages and show them to your landlord.

Moving Out

Failure to meet these guidelines could result in a loss of all or part of your security deposit:

  • Before your lease expires, remove all personal furnishings and clean the premises. You will probably be charged or lose your security deposit to pay for the proper cleaning and removal of personal items if this is not done.
  • Return your keys on the day specified in your lease. To avoid paying for your service after you vacate the premises, cancel your utility services.
  • When you move out have your landlord provide you with written proof of the condition of the premises. In addition, take pictures.