Housing Selection Process

Housing Selection Process is how current returning students select their rooms for the following academic year. 

All aspects of the housing selection process are conducted in online formats including roommate matching.

First-year students do NOT select their own room. First-year students are assigned a room and matched with a roommate through an automated process that uses each student’s personal responses from a roommate matching survey. This survey is designed to match students by compatibility according to basic lifestyle habits and preferences. 

The order for returning student room selection depends upon only 2 things:

  1. Class year
  2. A randomly generated priority number 

Those numbers determine when students pick a room within their class year. When grouped with a roommate(s), the combined average of each student's number is used to determine the order of selection for all roommate groups. This means that students who select a roommate from a later class year will select a room at a later time than everyone in their own class year.


Please follow the directions below for navigating the housing selection process.

  1. Log in to the Housing Director - Self Service system using your Holy Cross username and password.
  2. Complete the Housing and Board Agreement and search for roommates. All students will need to complete the housing agreement before having access to register with roommates. If you don't yet have roommates you plan to live with, you can create a roommate profile, update personal information used to search for roommates, and search for potentially compatible roommates. View step-by-step instructions for completing the housing agreement as well as registering with and searching for roommates.
  3. Select rooms. View step-by-step instructions for selecting rooms

View the following video tutorials for demonstrations of each step of the online housing selection process.

Helpful Documents