Clark Hall

Clark is located on Easy Street between Brooks and Hanselman and houses approximately 200 first-year students. Clark’s basement houses a study room, a social room with a TV, an activity room with laundry facilities. Also in the basement is a kitchen with a microwave and dishwasher.

Rooms are 12’ x 18’ and have tiled floors. Every room has a window and fire-retardant drapes. Each bed is a twin and uses extra long sheets ("college size" sheets are recommended). You will find one desk, desk chair, dresser, bookcase, and bed per occupant.

Clark was completed in 1962 and named after Rev. James Clark, S.J., who was president of Holy Cross from 1861-1867. Clark has one head resident assistant (HRA), seven resident assistants (RAs), and an area coordinator (AC), a professional staff member who lives on the second floor.

Here is a floor plan for a typical room in Clark Hall.

floor plan of Clark Hall