Off-Campus Living

While the majority of students live in residence halls, some choose to live off-campus. 

two students sitting on separate couches and working on laptops in their apartment room with posters decorating the walls

These students manage the responsibilities associated with independent living such as paying bills, doing chores, coordinating roommate relationships, and living alongside non-student neighbors.

Holy Cross is an integral part of the College Hill neighborhood and the City of Worcester. Facilitating a considerate and respectful community among the College and local residents is essential to the College’s mission. The College’s Off-Campus Living Policy (PDF) provides more information regarding the College's expectations for students living off-campus.


As the total number of students allowed to live off-campus is limited, not all applications will be approved. Once given the approval to live off-campus, and after signing a final lease agreement, students are expected to confirm their off-campus address with the Office of Residence Life & Housing. Students are advised to NOT sign a lease until they have received official notice of permission to live off-campus. Legally committing to live off-campus without College approval could result in the student being financially responsible for both an off-campus housing lease as well as on-campus housing fees.

Rising seniors are given priority for living off campus. Rising juniors who submit an application will only be considered if their applications were received before the deadline and there are no other senior applicants to be approved who also submitted their application before the deadline. 

The student conduct history of each applicant is reviewed. Students on College or residence hall probation during the current semester will not be approved to live off-campus for the following academic year. Students on College probation during the previous spring semester will not be approved to live off-campus for the following academic year. 

Virtual Information Session

The Off-Campus Living information session linked above was recorded on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021.

Important Dates

Eligible students who would like to live off-campus for the following academic year must complete the off-campus living application. Important dates and relevant deadlines will be announced via email.

Off-Campus Living Application Process 

Step 1: Read the Off-Campus Living Policy (PDF) 

NOTE: Before considering applying to live off-campus, students are also encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss any impact on their financial aid package. 

Step 2: Complete the Off-Campus Living Application 

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Each student interested in living off-campus must submit an application
  • Applications received after the deadline will only be reviewed if additional applicants can still be approved, based on the number of applications received prior to the deadline

View step-by-step instructions for completing the off-campus living application

Step 3: For Parents: Complete the Parent Consent Form 

  • Each student applying to live off-campus needs to have a completed Parent Consent form submitted. 
  • Applications are not considered to be complete until a Parent Consent Form for each student listed in the application has been submitted. 
  • Parent Consent Forms may be submitted at any time but should be submitted prior to the application in order for the application to be considered complete. 

Step 4: Application Review

Step 5: Confirm Your Off-Campus Address

View step-by-step instructions on how to confirm your address

  • Students planning to live off-campus are required to confirm their off-campus address. Once a final lease agreement has been signed, each student must confirm their address; addresses may not be submitted on behalf of an entire group.
  • Eligible groups that do not receive approval will be maintained on a waitlist in order of when their applications were submitted completely. 
  • Students are encouraged to request that an addendum be included in their lease which ties their obligation to the lease to their ability to attend classes on campus at Holy Cross. This protects students from any additional financial responsibility due to unexpected changes to their or their roommates' status as a student.
  • Students who fail to confirm their address prior to the deadline may have their approval to live off-campus rescinded.
  • Students approved from the wait-list will be given a specific deadline, determined by Residence Life & Housing, to confirm their address.

If you have any questions about the application process, please submit them to

For questions about student conduct, please contact the Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards Kevin O'Connell

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