two students sitting on their beds holding books and laughing

Residence Life Mission

The Office of Residence Life & Housing is charged with the responsibility of developing a safe and inclusive residential community that challenges and supports its students in reaching their potential. 

In accordance with the Jesuit tradition, we seek to create an environment that encourages open dialogue, respect, and care for the worth and dignity of every human being. As educators, the Residence Life & Housing staff provide opportunities for growth and development through cocurricular cornerstone experiences that reflect on the College’s core human questions. The Office of Residence Life & Housing seeks to support our mission by providing for students the opportunity to answer the following:

Who Am I?

  • Residents will be able to understand and articulate one’s own identity and culture
  • Residents will seek involvement with people different from oneself

Who Do I Want to Become?

  • Residents will be able to relate knowledge to major and career decisions
  • Residents will be able to make connections between classroom and out of classroom learning
  • Residents will make purposeful decisions among education, work and leisure time
  • Residents will be able to engage in critical thought and reflective habits in order to explore and establish their own values, identity, and self

Who Will I Be for Others?

  • Residents will be able to identify systemic barriers to equality and inclusiveness, then advocate and justify means for dismantling them
  • Residents will, in interactions with others, exhibit respect and perseverance for the dignity of others