Williams Hall

Completed in 2003, Williams Hall is a five-story, 85,000-square foot building. The apartments accommodate 244 seniors in 61 apartments that consist of a living room, dining area, full kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. 

On the ground floor is a function room boasting a walk-out balcony with a beautiful view of Worcester. It is used by residents of the building as well as by other students or faculty and staff to host social gatherings. A laundry room is also on the ground floor and each floor has a study room. A gas grill on the north side of the building is available for residents to use. Since the apartment building houses seniors, hall programming includes workshops and other events to help residents with job searches and prepare for life after Holy Cross.

There are five Residence Life staff members who live and work in the building, five resident assistants (RAs), a head resident assistant (HRA), and is overseen by an Area Coordinator (AC)