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Located next to the Townhouses and Hogan Campus Center, Ciampi Hall is the Wellbeing Living Learning Community (LLC). Originally built as a residence for the Jesuits, in 1991 on the 500th anniversary of the birth of St. Ignatius Loyola. It is named for Anthony F. Ciampi who served as president of the College of the Holy Cross three separate terms (1851-1854, 1857-1861, and 1869-1873).

Students in the Wellbeing Living Learning Community (LLC) at Ciampi Hall will create a residential community with moderation and purpose where they engage and explore wellbeing resources and opportunities with classmates who value personal wellbeing and seek to live a balanced and intentional lifestyle.  

Rooted in the Jesuit mission of the College, the Wellbeing Living Learning Community at Ciampi Hall is an inclusive residential community that encourages students to nurture wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit and grow in their knowledge and practice of the eight dimensions of wellness. 

Ciampi Hall focuses on the eight dimensions of wellness; emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational and social. The ground floor will be a common space consisting of a chapel, living and reception area, offices, and spaces to focus on the eight dimensions of wellness.

Ciampi Hall consists of double rooms with semi private bathrooms.