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Certificate in Business Fundamentals

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Certificates provide you with comprehensive and structured programs to acquire technical business skills and experiences alongside your liberal arts education. 

About Certificates

Certificates are cocurricular and are not part of a major, minor or concentration. To earn a certificate, students need to fulfill five requirements consisting of three courses, five workshops held during academic breaks, an internship, job shadowing and a tutorial in advanced Excel. 

Taught by alumni, faculty and professionals, you will gain a practical understanding of the inner workings of how business operates through alumni-led workshops. To explore the role ethics plays in business, you’ll engage in case-study research and discussions, present your findings and develop the confidence needed to succeed as a principled leader.

Starting freshman year, you are encouraged to choose a certificate program and participate over the course of your four-year college career. Not sure where to start? Consider the Fullbridge Professional Edge program as the first step in completing the certificate.

Certificate in Business Fundamentals 

Gain presentation and decision-making skills in general business or finance and banking through experiential learning opportunities, such as immersive workshops, Excel tutorial and internships.

The Certificate in Business Fundamentals will help you attain a solid business foundation by learning technical skills in marketing communications, global supply chain management, presentation and decision-making.


  1. Workshops
    1. Fullbridge Workshop (January, May and August Programs)
    2. Business Ethics & Principled Leadership (Saturday in April)
    3. Marketing Communications and Sales Workshop (Spring Break)
    4. Global Supply Chain Management (Fall Break)
    5. Certificate Capstone (Winter Break)
  2. Excel Tutorial (Online Sessions)
  3. Recommended Courses 
  4. Internship in Business
  5. Job Shadowing Program