Business Fields

Ciocca Center offerings allow you to explore three areas of business: entrepreneurship and innovation; marketing communications and more; and the world of finance and banking. 

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Developing innovative businesses practices is essential to ensuring the advancement of economic development and improving society. The Ciocca Center aims to nurture principled leaders who will add value to society by solving problems with pioneering ideas and entrepreneurial methods.

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Marketing Communications and More

Branding, marketing, positioning, communications, and sales are crucial elements for successful business growth. How does a company convey its value proposition while staying true to its ethics? Immerse yourself in various courses and workshops to learn the logistics and ethics of marketing products and services to customers through the global supply chain.

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The World of Finance and Banking

The complex banking and financial markets offer a wide range of careers across the sector. Explore the institutional framework and career specializations by visiting top banks and investment companies in New York and Boston with alumni professionals as your mentors. You’ll also learn how to leverage your liberal arts background for this competitive industry and convey your value proposition to your future employer.

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