Finance Boot Camp

The Finance Boot Camp offers an immersion in understanding the institutional framework and career specializations in finance. 

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Held annually during the fall semester, students attend sessions hosted by alumni at various banks including J.P. Morgan, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and UBS. Additionally, time is spent in preparation for finance interviews that simulate the fast-paced, intense environment of a super day, the name given to the day for final round interviews for potential analysts and associates at investment banks.

Topics include:

  1.    Introduction and overview of the divisions of Wall Street
  2.    Wealth management, alternative investment, and hedge funds
  3.    Sales and trading, and equities and bonds

The Finance Boot Camp offers:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the finance world
  • Review of the Wall Street Journal and current events
  • Opportunities to develop a stance on the market
  • Preparation for interview-like situations using sales pitches/analytics
  • Networking opportunities with alumni executives of top firms on Wall Street


This workshop is held annually during the fall semester and is required for the Finance & Banking Certificate Program.

Workshop Dates: October 11-13, 2022 over fall break.

Note to Applicants: The workshop is open to students of all majors and class years. Online application includes a resume and interview prior to acceptance.


Alumni professionals who work in finance lead this workshop.


This is a highly competitive workshop.  Successful students showcase a passion for the industry, are up on current events, and follow a company or stock.  Preference is given to students in the Finance & Banking Certificate Program.  Students should consider applying for the Finance Boot Camp as early as freshman year. 

All applicants will receive an email invitation from InterviewStream to complete a question set for workshop consideration. 

Cost: In-person workshops include site visits to  Boston firms.  Students will be charged a fee of $175 for hotel and transportation costs.  Financial aid is available.

  • Registration is closed for the fall Finance Boot Camp.