Student Business Clubs

Active participation in a business club will expose you to current events, active discussions, and a network of successful alumni.  Consider this group of peers to be your future network and get involved! 

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Joining a business club is a great way to meet like-minded students who are eager to develop personally and professionally.  Along the way, you’ll not only learn new skills and sharpen the ones you have — you’ll also expand your comfort zone, build your confidence, and discover new friends. Active participation in a business club will expose you to current events, active discussions, and a network of successful alumni. Consider this group of peers to be your future network and get involved!

The Ciocca Center is facilitating the mentor/mentee relationship for the business clubs using the AlumniHuddle platform. More than just networking, our hope is that students will establish long-term relationships with Holy Cross alumni working in their preferred industry.  

The Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society sponsors the following student clubs. 

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The Agency

The Agency educates students interested in learning about the fields of public relations, advertising, and marketing. Although each field has its distinct features, they all make up the field of marketing communications. By holding workshops and career panels every semester, The Agency provides students with exposure to many industry careers. The Agency is open to all classes and majors.


Chairs: Julia Eagan '24 and Grace Ryan '24
Vice Presidents: Demi Kroumpouzos '26 & Elizabeth Palmieri '26
Social Media Manager: Veronica Safryn '26

Meetings: Tuesdays 5pm, Stein 124

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College Street Journal

College Street Journal (CSJ) is a business, finance, and economics newspaper.  Content includes a variety of current events and relevant news on and off-campus, internship/job opportunities and events, professor editorials, community profiles, and more.


Chairs: Julia Posillico ‘25, Eliza Sullivan ‘25, Anna Dailey ‘25

Meetings: Mondays 8pm, Hogan 519

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Consulting Club

Consulting Club provides students with industry overviews, current event discussions, and access to the alumni network.  Case study preparation will be covered: a process where the interviewee must solve a business scenario in a time-pressured environment.  All classes and majors are welcome.


Co-chairs: Shannon Jordan '25 and Colin Byrne '25

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The Finance Club

The Finance Club focuses on all facets of Wall Street, including sales and trading and investment banking, and helps students gain an understanding of financial markets, institutions, trends and current events. The aim is to prepare students for financial roles and networking opportunities for careers on Wall Street. Open to any major and class.


Chairs: Ines de la Fuente '25, Co-Chair, Thomas Anglim '25, Co-Chair, Trey Rabuffo '25, E-Board, Mia DiFilippo '26, E-Board, Diana Kolath '25, E-Board, Anthony Chrysikos '25, E-Board 

Meetings: Mondays 7pm, Stein 124

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HC Equity Research Club

Members of HCERC gain technical skills, experience, and knowledge in the fields of asset valuation, equity research, and portfolio management. 


Chairs: Trey Rabuffo '25, Mike Ryan '25, Luke Hoeing '25, Mia DiFilippo '26


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HC Launch

HC Launch, the student-run incubator, fosters the development of entrepreneurial skills and ventures in the Holy Cross community. The incubator takes a holistic approach to support individuals through skills training, mentorship, funding opportunities, and in-kind resources. Students can pursue two paths: 1) receive support developing a business from concept to launch and growth or 2) join an extended team that will help current venture ideas. The incubator has an application process, accepted on a rolling basis. 

Chairs: Katie Browne '25 and TJ Haigh '26

Meetings: Mondays 6pm, Stein 124

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Insurance Club

The Insurance Club explores the ways the industry creates sustainable economic growth and development across industries through risk management. Students engage with current events, connect with a network of alumni and support each other in career discovery.  Join to learn how your liberal arts education is a solid foundation for a lucrative career in insurance. 

Chairs: Dylan Donnelly '26 (abroad), and Daniel Hackett '26

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Real Estate Club

The Real Estate Club exposes students to a broad range of topics including residential, commercial, and development. Join us for industry perspective and discussions about current market trends with alumni guest speakers.


Chairs: Diana Kolath ‘25, Alec Hakman '25, and Kevin Birenbaum '26

Meetings: Tuesdays 7:30pm, Stein 132

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Sales Group

The Sales Group explores the sales and management industries of business and the ways a liberal arts education is useful in the business world. Club members learn a variety of selling techniques and strategies, communication and organization, and obtain attributes that breed success in the sales industry. Meetings are enhanced with guest alumni speakers who discuss their professional lives. All class years and majors are encouraged to join.


Chairs: Elliot Barron '25, Christina Cashion '25, and Michael Greco '25
Treasurer: Nathan Suraci '25
Social Media Manager: Maddison Guy '25

Meetings: Wednesdays (bi-weekly) 7pm, Stein 124

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Women in Business Club

The annual Holy Cross Women in Business Conference has expanded to create a year-round network! Students are invited to honor, inspire and connect with alumnae and peers. Join this new student club to explore industries, become business savvy and gain the confidence to succeed! Meetings are event-based. 


Chairs: Ariana Clark '25,  Julie Kreymborg ’25 and Sasha Paradise '24