Information to be reviewed


  •  Log into your STAR account and take the first step to grant access to your parents and other authorized users to grades and financial aid information.  Access is granted by you, the student.
  •  After you grant authorization in STAR, click on the TouchNet Bill+Payment link to grant billing access to your parents and other authorized users.  Again, access is granted by you, the student. (Billing Statements)
  • Read and sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement. When you log into your STAR account you will prompted to sign the agreement. 
  • Waive or Enroll in Student Health Insurance by August 15th.  (Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance)
  • Consider setting up Refund information in your (the student) TouchNet account to facilitate the electronic return of funds, if applicable. NOTE: When setting up a Refund account, please name the account so that the account is easily identifiable. For example, Dad’ checking, Mary’s savings…
  • Consider enrolling in the Tuition Refund Plan offered through A.W.G. Dewars as a supplement to the College’s refund policy.  (Tuition Refund Plan)



  •  Review the tuition and fees charges.  (Tuition and Fees)
  • Take the time to review the most recent copy of our Payment, Policies & Procedures.  (Payment Policies & Procedures)
  • If utilizing a payment plan to settle your tuition, review the information on the payment plan offered through TouchNet Bill+Payment.  (Monthly Payment Plan Option)
  • 529 payments typically take 10-14 days to be generated by the respective financial institution.  Be sure to leave enough time for this processing.
  • If utilizing a loan to settle your spring tuition account, please refer to this page on the financial aid website for options:  (How Aid Works)
  • The IRS requires that all submitted 1098-T forms have a social security number or tax identifications number. If one was not provided to the college when you were accepted to the school, the Bursar office will contact you during the school year and ask you to complete IRS Form W-9S. We are unable to submit a 1098-T form to the IRS on your behalf if you have not provided us with your social security number.
  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions section which contains information on authorized users, tuition and fees, miscellaneous charges, mandatory fees, billing, payments, and refunds.  (Frequently Asked Questions)