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The Bursar's Office issues all refunds to students withdrawing from Holy Cross or taking an approved leave of absence. If you're withdrawing or leaving Holy Cross, please call or stop by to let us know. Doing so will help ensure that we get your refund to you as soon as possible.

If a student withdraws during the semester, charges will be prorated if the student has been enrolled for less than or equal to 60.0% of the term. The refund formula measures the actual number of days enrolled during the semester. It is determined by dividing the number of days enrolled by the number of days in the semester including weekends and holidays and excluding Thanksgiving break and Spring break.

For example, there are 95 eligible calendar days in the 2017 Fall Semester. If a student withdraws on the 30th day in the semester, the student's charges and financial aid will be prorated to reflect that s/he was enrolled for 31.6% of the semester (30 divided by 95).

If a student is a recipient of Federal Title IV financial aid, refunds to those programs are required by federal law to be the first priority and must be returned in the following order: Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, Subsidized Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Plus Loan, Federal Pell Grant and Federal SEOG.

A student is not eligible for a refund until all Federal Title IV programs and other scholarships are reimbursed as required and all outstanding balances with the College have been cleared.

After the 60% point, there will be no refund of tuition and fees. Room and board fees will be refunded after the 60% point only if the removal from campus is due to disciplinary action or medical hardship. Under these circumstances, refunds of room and board will be calculated on a weekly basis. All refunds are subject to assessment of an administrative fee.

The following items are not subject to the refund policy: Visual arts fees, medical insurance, computer installment payment plans, late fees, leave of absence fees, dormitory fines, parking fines and library fines.

All refunds are calculated and issued from the Office of the Bursar. Federal regulations require that the final tuition statement of all withdrawing students be finalized no later than 30 days after the withdrawal date.

For further information concerning the details of the refund policy, contact the Bursar's Office (508) 793-2521.