Payment Policies & Procedures

Enrollment constitutes a financial obligation between the College of the Holy Cross and the student. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of their account balance and financial aid information and to maintain current valid address information at all times to ensure receipt of all College correspondence in a timely manner. The following areas of responsibility should be noted:

  • Tuition and Fees are due on August 1 for the fall semester and January 1 for the spring semester. Changes to the bill posted after these dates resulting in a balance are due upon receipt of the next billing statement.
  • E-mails are generated monthly to notify students and their Authorized Users of the most recent tuition bill.  Students and/or their Authorized Users are expected to open the billing statement upon receipt of the e-mail for any new activity.
  • In the event that financial aid is reduced or cancelled, the student will become responsible for the outstanding charges.
  • Should a tuition account be sent to an outside agency for collection action, the student will be responsible for late fees, interest, collection fees and costs, and attorney and court fees.


How can students stay informed of their responsibilities?

  • READ e-mails sent by College offices regarding important deadlines.
  • FOLLOW UP an e-mail with a telephone call if you are unsure what the e-mail is asking you to do.
  • REVIEW the Payment Policies and Procedures Guide on the Bursar website.
  • IF you are a recipient of financial aid, check the Financial Aid “To Do” lists on your STAR account.
  • KEEP informed via department websites.
  • CALL or VISIT an office if you have any questions or concerns. 



Read Payment Policies & Procedures for the 2023-2024 academic year » (PDF)

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