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E-Billing Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the College of the Holy Cross utilizing e-billing?

The College of the Holy Cross uses e-billing to improve convenience and service, to reduce cost, and to provide quick access to billing information.  E-billing will offer the following benefits:

  • The flexibility of viewing your bill electronically from any location via the internet.
  • The option of granting authorized users, such as a parent, guardian, or sponsor, to view and pay the bill.
  • The ability to receive your tuition bills faster with email notification.
  • The option of viewing your current balance/activity as well as an online invoice history.

How Does E-Billing Work?

Students are notified via their Holy Cross e-mail address whenever an online bill is generated.  Students’ and authorized users will be copied on this e-mail.  Student and authorized users should then do the following:

  • Logon to your STAR account.
  • Go to Finances section.
  • Click on View Billing History.
  • Select the most recent bill or any other previously issued bill to view.  The bill will appear on a new screen in a pdf format.  (Be sure your pop-up blockers are off.)
  • There will be a link on the View Billing History page for making an online payment and for setting up a payment plan.

Parents and authorized users should then do the following: 

  • Go to the Holy Cross web page ( and select Parents & Families on the top gray bar. 
  • Under Quick Links go to Applicants/Parents. 
  • Click on Parent Potal. 
  • Enter your e-mail address and password.
  • Click on Billing.
  • Go to View Statements and select the most recent bill or any other previosly issued bill to view. 

How do I create an Authorized User?

For information on how to allow access to parents or other third parties, please visit: Parent Portal Access

Do I need a certain type of computer, software, or Web browser to access STAR and use e-billing?

You can access STAR and use e-billing from any Macintosh or PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or newer) or Firefox.

How can I make an online payment?

You may pay electronically any day of the week from a checking or statement savings account in the United States.  Tuition Management Systems (TMS) handles our online payments. 

Pay My Bill

How do my parents/authorized users pay the bill?

Your parents and authorized users can pay the tuition bill through the system’s online payment feature.  Tuition Management Systems (TMS) handles our online payments.  Checking and statement savings account information from a bank within the United States can be entered on the TMS website.  Payments will be transferred electronically to the College of the Holy Cross.

Parents and authorized users can also print the bill and send a check or money order (no cash) made payable to College of the Holy Cross through the mail to the following address:

College of the Holy Cross

Office of the Bursar

1 College Street

Worcester, MA 01610

Be sure to cut and include the remittance from the top of the e-bill with your payment. We are unabel to accpet payments greater than the amount billed. Payments received that are greater than the amount billed will be returned for the correct billed amount. 

Foreign checks must be sent for collection and are subject to exchanges rates and collection fees therefore we recommend wiring a payment if you cannot pay your bill in US$ through a bank account in the United States.

Payments made via wire transfer (in U.S. dollars) should be made at least 7 days in advance of the due date and must include the student’s full name and ID number.  Please contact the Office of the Bursar for wiring instructions.

Can I pay my online bill with a credit card?

The College of the Holy Cross does not accept credit card payments for tuition, fees, or room and board.

I’m an Authorized User, but I did not receive the e-bill.

Be sure that your email account does not block e-mail from  Also, please check that your email address is current in STAR and that your student has granted you access to the e-bill.

I cannot locate my password.  What do I do?

At the login point, enter your user name and click on “Forgot Your Password”.  The College will send a temporary link to the user’s e-mail account.  Use the link to reset your password.

I am having trouble logging in and I know I am using the correct password.  What is the issue?

User name and password are case sensitive.  Often the entry is incorrect because of a lowercase/uppercase mismatch.  If you are unsure, use the “Forgot Your Password” feature.

I pay my tuition using the payment plan administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS).  How will e-billing reflect this?

Once you enroll in the monthly payment plan, we will post your semster plan on your tuition statement.  You will receive a bill monthly from TMS and you should make your TMS payments directly to TMS.  You will also receive a bill from the College until all of your TMS payments have been received and fully credited to the College.  Please review every e-bill that you receive from the College as they may reflect additional charges or credits that were not included in your monthly payment plan.  Any balances due after your TMS contract and after Anticipated Financial Aid are payable directly to the College upon receipt.

Will I be able to see immediate account charges or credits on the e-bill?

No.  The e-bill is a static view of the student account as of the bill date.  To view transactions posted to the student account in between e-bills, including confirmation of payment received, please view the "view current balance" page located under Finances on STAR. Be sure to select the account type and term you wish to view. 

I need an official billing statement for a third party (insurance carrier, employer, outside scholarship agency, etc..).  Can I get this from STAR?

Yes.  Please go to the Finances Section.  Select View Billing History located under My Account.  This will include all e-bills that have been created in a pdf format which you can print out for your usage.

See also: Bursar FAQs