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What Parents and Authorized Users Need to Do


1. Students Create User Accounts

A student must take action to grant you access to the Parent Portal.  The Parent Portal is a limited view of what the student can see in STAR.  The only information the parent can change is their own address.  The information available to view depends on the access granted by the student and may include any combination of the following:


                Bills and Current Account Activity 

                Financial Aid Awarded

Thus, we would encourage students to consider granting individual access to each of their parents in order for us to assist all family members.

2. Activate your User Account

Once a student has granted access to the Parent Portal, the parent(s) and/or authorized user(s) will receive an e-mail within 48 hours with their user ID and a secure link to set their password.

If you choose not to activate your access to the Parent Portal, it will be the student’s responsibility to share their grades with you and ensure that bills are forwarded to you so that appropriate payment arrangements can be made by the due date.

An e-mail account is necessary to access the Parent Portal.  Students whose parents or authorized users do not have access to the internet will be responsible for printing a copy of their tuition bill and delivering it to the responsible party. 

Please note – STAR and the Parent Portal is our only means of communicating billing information and grades to you and your student.  Students are strongly encouraged to grant access to the Parent Portal to their parents.  However, if the student chooses not to grant access or if a parent chooses not to activate their access, it will be the responsibility of the student to share grade information and ensure that bills are forwarded to the appropriate individual so that payment arrangements can be made.

The Parent Center documentation (PDF) contains further information on STAR access.