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FAQs for First Year Student Bill Payers

When will we be billed for each term?

The fall semester bill will be available at the end of June/early July  and is due on August 1st.  The spring semester bill will be available shortly before Thanksgiving and is due on January 1st.

Will I get my bill in the regular mail?

No.  Holy Cross only offers e-billing online via STAR (Student  Academic Records).  Students will receive an email to their Holy Cross email account with instructions on how to access the e-bill.  Any authorized user that has been granted access to the student’s account by the student will be copied on the same email.  

What is included on the tuition statement?

Your tuition statement will include the following:

                Previous Balance due (if applicable)

                Current charges which could include


                                Room and Board

                                Health Service Fee

                                Student Activity Fee

                                Property Damage Deposit

                                Health Insurance

                Payments Received

                Anticipated Financial Aid

                Payment Plan Contract (if applicable)

                Balance Due

What is Anticipated Financial Aid?

Anticipated Financial Aid represents any award, with the exception of Federal Work Study, which has been granted by or due to the College.  This can include:

                College of the Holy Cross Scholarships

                ROTC Scholarships and outside scholarships

                State Scholarships

                Federal Loans and grants

                Approved and certified private loans     

What is the Health Insurance charge?

Massachusetts law states that if a student is enrolled more than half time, that student must be covered by an insurance plan that meets the Massachusetts Qualifying Student Medical Insurance Plan (QSHIP) requirements.  All  students are billed for insurance every year.  Each year a student must either complete the on-line waiver of insurance by August 15th in order to have a credit posted to their tuition account and to confirm continued coverage in another insurance plan OR enroll in the student health insurance plan offered by the College.

I have Health Insurance.  How can I waive this charge?

Holy Cross has partnered with University Health Plans and Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide student health insurance.  The insurance coverage is through Blue Cross Blue Shield with University Health Plans (UHP) providing administrative support for enrollment and customer service for general insurance questions.  The waiver and enrollment process is handled on the UHP website. 

Students can access the UHP website by going to the Bursar webpage titled “Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance” and clicking on the UHP link.  Once on the UHP site, the student will need their Holy Cross ID number and Holy Cross email address. 

Please note:  Neither the waiver nor the enrollment process can be accessed with the parent or authorized user login credentials.  It can take 24-48 hours for a Waiver of Health Insurance to be reflected on the student’s tuition account.

Can I waive the Health Service Fee?

No.  The Health Service Fee is a mandatory charge billed to all students every semester that they are attending classes at the College.  This fee is used to cover the costs and expenses associated with operating the Health Services facility located in Loyola Hall.

How can my parents get access to the STAR Parent Center?

The College has developed a portal to access our student academic records system (STAR)  for parents and other authorized users.  The student controls who has access to the parent portal and what information they may view.   Under FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), a student’s account is private unless he/she grants access to it.  A student can grant access to others by creating an authorized user account.  If no authorized user is established, only the student will have access to his/her e-bill and grades. Students are encouraged to grant access to their parents.

Parent access to STAR is authorized by the student.  The student can create up to five (5) authorized users who can be granted access to all or some of the following three areas:

                 • Finances

                 • Grades

                 • Student’s Housing Assignment

I have an outside scholarship.  What do I do?

Students receiving awards from outside agencies should notify the Office of Financial Aid before the semester bill due date in order to avoid late payment charges and ensure proper credit to the student’s account.  Please note the following possible scenarios:

                 • If the awarding agency will require that a bill be sent before funds are remitted, please notify the Office of the Bursar and send a copy of the award letter.

                 • If the Bursar Office receives a scholarship check that has not yet been reported to Financial Aid,  credit will not be reflected on the student’s tuition account until the Financial Aid Office has reviewed and processed the award.

                 • If the awarding agency will not remit funds until the second semester after the student receives first semester grades, the scholarship should be reported to the Financial Aid Office as a second semester award as the fall tuition account needs to be settled in a timley manner.


My family has a 529 account for my college expenses.  What should we do?

Most 529 plans send checks directly to the College, either based on an invoice supplied by the holder of the 529 plan OR by completing a form with the 529 plan requesting a certain dollar amount.  There are a few plans that request that the College work with them as Third Party Payers.  This means that we will have to invoice the 529 plan and will not anticipate, on the student account directly, the amount to be sent to the College.  These 529 plans include the Florida Prepaid Plan.

How will my tuition account be affected if I drop a class or take an extra class?

Holy Cross tuition is charged on a flat fee per term basis which includes the cost of each student’s normal academic curriculum requirements for that term.  If student decides to enroll in an additional class or to drop a class, the cost does not change.

I am on my STAR account.  What is the difference between “View Billing History” and “View Current Balance”?

“View Billing History” provides you with every e-bill released by the Bursar Office.  To view a bill, you will need to double click on the billing date.  As the bill is a pdf file, you will need to be sure that your pop-up blockers are off.  The online billing statement is static, much like reviewing a copy of your paper bill.  This statement will reflect only those charges and payments up to the date of the billing statement.

“View Current Balance” provides you with the opportunity to view your tuition account in “real time”.  You will need to select the term you wish to view, then select the account type (TUI for tuition) and then click on the “Go” button.  This is live data and is exactly what the Bursar Office would see if you were to call our office for assistance.

How can I pay my bill?

Payment can be made in person at the Bursar Office, online, mail, wire transfer, or a monthly payment plan.

Pay in Person at the Bursar Office:

You can pay with cash, checks, cashier checks, and money orders.  Please have your check, cashier checks, or money orders made payable to "College of the Holy Cross”.

On Line Payments:

The College has partnered with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to offer our students and their families the option to pay the tuition balance online or over the telephone using a checking or savings account

Once you are on the page, scroll down to “Make a Payment” and then click the down arrow in the box that says “This payment applies toward…” and select

  • To make a payment for any charges billed to the tuition account select “Tuition Accounts Payment”.  Then click on the purple “Make a One-Time Payment” button.

  • To make a payment for an Immersion Trip select "Immersion Payments".  Then click on the purple “Make a One-Time Payment” button.

  • To make a payment for a summer session select "College of the Holy Cross - Summer Session".  Then click on the purple “Make a One-Time Payment” button.

  • To make a payment for a Maymester select “Tuition Accounts Payment”.  Then click on the purple “Make a One-Time Payment” button. For student ID type MAYMESTER. 

A page with Student information and Item information will come up (This page is empty as we do not provide unique information to TMS).  Enter the student name and Holy Cross student ID.   In the Item information box you will enter the amount that you are paying and then click the green add button (this will zero out and the amount will be placed on the right hand side under Payment Detail).  Confirm the amount and then click the purple Continue Button.  This will then bring you to the Payment Page where you will enter all of your banking information. 

Or you can call TMS at 1-800-722-4867 to pay over the phone.  

Mail in Your Payment:

Checks can be mailed along with the remittance slip from the online statement to:

College of the Holy Cross

Office of the Bursar

1 College Street

Worcester, MA  01610

Domestic Wire Transfer:

If you would like to send your payment via wire transfer, please contact the Bursar Office at (508) 793-2521 or via email at for directions on this procedure.

International Wire Transfer:

College of the Holy Cross has partnered with Flywire to provide international students with an innovative, safe and cost-effective way to make international payments. The benefits of using Flywire include:

  • Elimination of hidden bank fees – which ensures that Holy Cross receives the intended amount, every time 
  • Multiple payment options and currencies
  • Savings on exchange rates – Flywire processes the currency exchange, offering you wholesale exchange rates, unmatched by traditional banks
  • Payment tracking and updates at each stage of the payment process – so no wondering where your payment is
  • Payment visibility – meaning Holy Cross is able to track your payment from initiation to delivery to their account
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
  • Fast, safe and secure

To ensure that your student account is properly credited in a timely and expedient fashion, please click the link to initiate your payment…

Monthly Payment Plan:

The Monthly Payment Plan Option

Many students and their families are looking for ways to budget their educational costs. The College of the Holy Cross has partnered with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to offer semester payment plans beginning as early as March 1st for the Fall semester and September 1st for the Spring Semester. With TMS you can plan for your educational expenses in one of the following ways, eliminating the need to make a single large payment prior to each semester:

For the Fall

  • Six (6) Monthly payments beginning March 1st
  • Five (5) Monthly Payments beginning May 1st
  • Four (4) Monthly Payments beginning June 1st
  • Three (3) Monthly Payments beginning July 1st

For the Spring

  • Six (6) Monthly payments beginning September 1st
  • Five (5) Monthly Payments beginning October 1st
  • Four (4) Monthly Payments beginning November 1st
  • Three (3) Monthly Payments beginning December 1st

 You determine how much you wish to budget on your semester TMS payment plan(s).  A $40/per semester TMS enrollment fee, payable to TMS, includes monthly billing statements.   Please refer to our Payment Plan page for more information.

What is a Registration Hold?

The Bursar Office will place a Registration Hold on those accounts that are carrying outstanding balances.  A Registration Hold will prevent a student from adding or dropping a class during the enrollment period.  Students, and their authorized users, will be notified via e-mail if they have a registration hold and are strongly encouraged to contact the Bursar Office.  Our goal is to avoid any unnecessary delays and problems with your registration and resolve issues prior to the start of the semester.   You should contact our office as soon as possible to resolve any billing questions you may have and see what assistance we can provide.  

What is a Transcript Hold?

A transcript hold is placed on all accounts carrying a balance due.  A transcript hold prevents a student from receiving an official transcript of their grades.  The tuition balance will need to be resolved before the transcript hold can be released. 

Why are you sending me the Form W-9S requesting my social security number?

IRS Form 1098-T is used by eligible educational institutions to report information about their students to the IRS as required by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.  Eligible educational institutions are required to submit general student enrollment information and financial data for the corresponding tax year.

The IRS requires that all submitted 1098-T forms have a social security number or tax identification number.  If one was not provided to the College when you were accepted to the school, the Bursar Office will contact you during the school year and ask you to complete IRS Form W-9S.  We are unable to submit a 1098-T form to the IRS on your behalf if you have not provided us with your social security number.

Still have questions?

Not to worry, contact the Office of the Bursar (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST) at (508) 793-2521 or email us at , or visit our website for more information on the Bursar.

Office of the Bursar Mailing Address

College of the Holy Cross

Office of the Bursar

1 College Street

Worcester, MA 01610

tel:     (508) 793-2521

fax:     (508) 793-3045