Granting Access to Authorized User

For Students - How to Grant Access to Authorized User(s)

  • Student logs onto their STAR account.
  • Go to Student Center, Manage Authorized Users, Edit.
  • To review or change contact information previously setup:
    •  Go to “Authorized User Personal Information”.
  • To grant access to users who have been previously setup:
    •  Go to Authorized User On Line Security,
    •  Verify that you agree with the defaulted access and click on “I consent….”.
  • To add a new user:
    • Go to Create Another Authorized User.
    • Complete all contact information,
    • Click on  “save”.
    • Go to Authorized User On Line Security, verify that you agree with the defaulted access and click on “I consent….”.
  • To grant access to TouchNet Bill+Payment:
    • Go to Finances
    • Click on TouchNet Bill+Payment
    • Go to Authorized Users
    • Click on Add Authorized User


For the Parent or Authorized User(s) - How to set up your access to the Parent Portal and TouchNet Bill+Payment

Parent Portal:  Parents/Authorized Users will receive an email with instructions to access the Parent Portal shortly after the student has granted access and after the student has completed the consent process.  The email will contain a link for you to set up your passphrase.  You will need to input your student’s birthdate in the process to confirm your relationship with them. After setting up your account, you will then be logged into the Parent Portal.  Parents and Authorized Users may access the Parent Portal via or by clicking on the Parent Portal link of the Parents and Families section of the Holy Cross website. If you are unable to change your passphrase or are have difficulty logging into the Parent Portal, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (508) 793-3548 or at .

TouchNet Bill+Payment:  After your student grants access to the TouchNet Bill+Payment, parents and other users authorized by the student each will receive a separate communication with their login credentials by e-mail. Please note that this a different login procedure and may require credentials unique from the parent portal. Parents and other authorized users may access TouchNet+Bill Payment via Bursars Office Pay my Bill. Click on the link under Online Payments.