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What Students Need to Do


1. Create Your Authorized Users and Provide Consent

Parents and other individuals will have access to STAR after you provide your electronic consent.  The student consent process is simple:

  • Review each authorized user’s contact information (an email address is required for each user),
  • Review their security profile, and
  • Authorize access by agreeing to the consent statement.

Please note:  If you create a user but fail to agree to the consent statement, your user will not have access to the Parent Portal nor will they receive emails from the Bursar Office about billing.

Students and any authorized user designated by a student will be able to view a student’s tuition bill, grades, financial aid awards, and housing information. 

The Student Center Documentation (PDF) contains additional information on STAR access for students.

2. Encourage Your Parent and Authorized Users to Access the Parent Portal

STAR and the Parent Portal is our only means of communicating billing information and grades to you and your parents or authorized users.  Students should encourage their parents to activate their access to the Parent Portal when they receive their login credentials.  If your parent or authorized user does not wish to activate their access and/or does not have access to e-mail it will be your responsibility to share grade information and ensure that bills are forwarded to them so that the appropriate payment arrangements can be made.

3. Watch Your E-Mail for Communications from STAR

The student’s Holy Cross e-mail is the official notification for the e-bill.  Students will receive an e-mail when new information, such as a billing statement, is available for them to view in STAR.  The e-mail will contain a link to the login page.  Parents and other authorized users will be copied on this e-mail. 

Students should regularly check their e-mail accounts for bill notification and notices regarding missing documents and financial holds.  Students and authorized users should check their spam filters and mailbox limits to ensure they can always accept e-mail from the College. 

Students are responsible for payment by the due date, even if e-mail notifications are not received.  Even without e-mail notification, students can view bills and current account balances and track account activity through STAR, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.