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The Monthly Payment Plan Option

The Monthly Payment Plan Option

Many students and their families are looking for ways to budget their educational costs. The College of the Holy Cross has partnered with Tuition Management Systems/Nelnet to offer semester payment plans beginning as early as March 1st for the Fall semester and September 1st for the Spring Semester. With TMS/Nelnet you can plan for your educational expenses in one of the following ways, eliminating the need to make a single large payment prior to each semester:

For the Fall

  • Six (6) Monthly payments beginning March 1st
  • Five (5) Monthly Payments beginning May 1st
  • Four (4) Monthly Payments beginning June 1st
  • Three (3) Monthly Payments beginning July 1st

For the Spring (Spring 2020 is not available at this time)

  • Six (6) Monthly payments beginning September 1st
  • Five (5) Monthly Payments beginning October 1st
  • Four (4) Monthly Payments beginning November 1st
  • Three (3) Monthly Payments beginning December 1st

These plans will allow you and your family to budget your tuition, room, board and fees for each semester.

  • Choose the 6, 5, 4 or 3 Month Payment Plan
  • Create a Fall and Spring contract according to what best fits your budget
  • Payments are due on the first of each month
  • Be sure to budget only what you need to cover the semester’s billing statement as we can no longer accept payments greater than the billed amount.
  • Summer charges may not be included in the Fall or Spring payment plan as they are due upon receipt.
  • You may increase or decrease the amount of your payments to reflect the changes in the financial aid you are receiving.
  • Balances not covered by TMS or by financial aid are due  in full for the Fall semester by August 1st and for the Spring semester by January 1st.
  • A $40/per semester TMS enrollment fee, payable to TMS, includes monthly billing statements. 

It’s easy to enroll in the monthly payment plan.  You can call Tuition Management Systems/Nelnet at 1-800-722-4867 and a representative will assist you.  Or, log onto the TMS/Nelnet website at to enroll online. Please contact the Bursar Office directly at (508) 793-2521 if you have any questions or need assistance calculating you semester budget.