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MISSION: to nurture principled leaders who will add value to society by solving problems with innovative ideas & entrepreneurial methods.


We believe:
Innovative thinking is the starting point, entrepreneurship connects innovation with the marketplace, and principled leadership ensures that this process will add value to society. Economic development is a necessary condition for social improvement if it is implemented with ethical standards.
Social ventures require sustainable business practices, and business ventures have an inevitable social impact.

Our purpose is to:

  • Provide students with workshops that emphasize hands-on experiential business learning.
  • Provide a "bridge" that connects the students' skills obtained through liberal arts education with hands-on experience obtained through COES.
  • Enable students to:
    - Understand and internalize the value of their Holy Cross liberal arts education in relation to their business aspirations.
    - Articulate to prospective employers why and how their Holy Cross liberal arts education combines with their COES experience to equal a compelling value proposition for employment.

Why choose Holy Cross’ program over being a business undergraduate at another college?
Entrepreneurship is important to society and the greater good:The COES approach is derived from the College’s Jesuit mission, and incorporates business values, ethics and morals into its programs. COES aspires to illustrate the critical importance of creativity and innovation to business success, which directly leads to social well-being.

Major in anything, succeed in business:
Combining the stellar Holy Cross liberal arts education with the unique opportunities offered by COES, Holy Cross students are empowered to both major in what they are passionate about and be successful in business.

Alumni Participants: 
Rather than traditional business school faculty, the teachers inside COES are a prestigious “who’s who” among some of Holy Cross’ most accomplished graduates.

Real world skills = Experience for life:
COES connects theory with practice and provides “real world” experiences for all students that take place both inside and outside a traditional classroom setting. The various non-credit programs feature business alumni who serve as instructors to prebusiness students. 


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