Mentored Learning

At Holy Cross, an advisor isn’t someone you meet with once a year. Our faculty and staff go above and beyond in their roles as educators, getting to know each student on a personal level and challenging them to discover more about who they are — and who they want to become.


A Partnership of Discovery

Our approach to learning is centered around personal relationships — not just between students, but also between students and professors, staff and administrators. Almost everyone at Holy Cross takes on the role of advisor in some capacity.

Students are encouraged to explore widely and take intellectual risks, while also receiving support through the close guidance of advisors and mentors. While the path your journey takes is yours to decide, we’ll work with you along the way to ensure you’re fully supported in your endeavors and that your experience is as meaningful as possible.

Supported and Empowered

The comprehensive advising system at Holy Cross ensures that students always have somewhere to turn if they have a question, need assistance or just want to talk through an issue.

  • Upon enrollment, all students are assigned a faculty advisor who helps them identify their interests, select courses and declare a major.
  • Once a student chooses a major, they are assigned a new faculty advisor in their area of study who helps them navigate the department’s curriculum and assists them as they begin to plan life after college.
  • Faculty advising is supplemented by our class dean system, which pairs a dean with each class year. In this unique model, a dedicated dean stays with their cohort for all four years, serving as a point of contact and support. As students walk across the stage at graduation, their class dean is often one of the proudest people in the audience.

Students are further supported by staff from the Center for Career Development, Chaplains’ Office, Counseling Center and other campus offices.