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Vocare is an initiative rooted in the Jesuit principle of discernment that draws together programming collaborators from across campus to develop ways to help our students be:

  • intentional about their curricular and cocurricular choices,

  • reflective about their experiences inside and outside of the classroom, and

  • articulate in describing these experiences to others as they move on from the College.

Programming collaborators include:

The director of Vocare is part of the Experiential Learning and Student Success area of Academic Affairs. The director works with the Class Deans to coordinate the First Year Advising Program as well as other advising-related programming that focuses on each specific class year.


BellinRob Bellin

Director of Vocare
Professor of Biology
Phone: 508-793-3422
Office: O’Neil 331 | P.O. Box: B


LevesqueLynn Levesque

Administrative Associate
Phone: 508-793-2532
Office: Fenwick 204 | P.O. Box: CLASS DEAN
Fax: 508-793-3790