Semester Away Programs

The distinctive Jesuit, liberal arts education that you get at Holy Cross cannot be replicated anywhere else. But some Holy Cross students look to dive deeper into a work environment or a specialized field of study, and that can lead them off campus for a brief period. 

Holy Cross offers two flagship Semester Away options: the New York Semester Program and the Washington Semester Program. In both, students combine an intensive internship experience with a distinctive academic course and a capstone project. Through the Semester Away Program, students looking for academic courses not offered at Holy Cross may also propose to study for a semester at another United States college or university.

Washington Semester Program

The Washington Semester is a unique study away program for third- and fourth-year students. During the semester, they work, study and conduct research in Washington, D.C., for full academic credit.

Semester Away Program

Some students looking to engage deeply with academic work not available at Holy Cross may choose to spend a semester at another institution in the United States or Canada.

New York Semester Program

As part of the New York Semester Program, third- and fourth-year students can work, study and conduct research in the greatest city in the world for full academic credit.