Lectures and Culture

The ongoing process of academic dialogue and discovery at Holy Cross is further amplified by a busy slate of on-campus events and exhibits.


A Hub of Discovery

Holy Cross students and faculty members push the boundaries of what is known through discovery and research. They accomplish this by engaging with the latest research trends and emerging modes of thoughts, which keeps them connected to the evolving endeavors of today’s brightest minds. To that end, Holy Cross welcomes dozens of lecturers, visiting scholars, artists and thought leaders from near and far throughout the academic year.

Enriching Our Community

By welcoming multidisciplinary voices with compelling perspectives to our campus, we spark dialogues that create tremendous value for our community. Faculty members have the opportunity to speak with and hear from thought leaders and peers; students cross disciplinary lines to learn from inspiring academic role models.

  • The McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture organizes many of these events, including colloquia and conferences that involve student and faculty participation. The center also helps coordinate our International Jesuit Scholars program, which hosts visiting Jesuits who teach a course at Holy Cross and share their knowledge and spiritual insight with our community.
  • The College's signature visiting artists program, Arts Transcending Borders, uses the arts as a catalyst for challenging perspectives, creating dialogue, and encouraging innovation and creative thinking and practice across our campus and beyond.
  • The Cantor Art Gallery frequently exhibits work from local and nationally recognized artists, as well as student and faculty shows.
  •  Our arts community plays host to a number of arts events, productions, and exhibits, welcoming talented individuals to perform, discuss or display their work on campus. These include the Working Writer series, featuring acclaimed poets and authors, and the Chapel Artist Series, featuring inspiring musicians.
  • The Seelos Theatre on the Holy Cross campus offers free screenings of recent movies during the year. Faculty members and student groups use this film series as a jumping-off point for discussions and events.
  • The Holy Cross events calendar includes programs, presentations and activities sponsored by nearly every academic department on campus throughout the year. They regularly involve Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished alumni and contemporary thought leaders.

Holy Cross students and faculty members give frequent presentations and performances of their academic and creative work. Programs such as the Faculty Scholarship Lunch Series and Undergraduate Summer Research Symposia take place on campus; students and teachers also participate in conferences and competitions throughout the country.