Global Perspective

What does it mean to be a citizen of the world? How can we communicate and work together across the boundaries defined by nationality, language, culture or faith tradition? As our planet grows smaller in many respects, these considerations are more important than ever. Thinking globally allows us to adopt a broader approach to fundamental questions of identity, belonging and responsibility.


Breaking Down Borders

Holy Cross graduates enter into a world that is more interconnected and interdependent than ever. To confront the global challenges posed by environmental crises, poverty, hunger and issues of peace and justice, we must transcend the boundaries that exist between people of different nationalities, backgrounds and faith traditions by showing authentic appreciation and empathy for people of every culture.

The study of and engagement with other cultures enables our students to participate more fully in a global society and continues the Jesuit tradition of solidarity with others built on a foundation of cultural understanding. Here are two important ways we promote this dialogue:



International Students

Holy Cross welcomes international students, who bring unique voices and experiences to our community. Learn more »

Montserrat - Global Perspective

The Montserrat cluster “Global Society” is one of the best introductions to global perspectives at Holy Cross.