Engaged Learning

Developing and pitching a smartphone app to a panel of successful inventors and investors. Collaborating with leading researchers to discover new drugs to combat tropical diseases. Practicing brushwork while surrounded by some of the world’s most famous works in a Florence art museum. Learning at Holy Cross is designed to promote a radical sense of curiosity, wonder and active engagement in the world, and we go to great lengths to connect coursework with hands-on experiences that do just that.

Community-Based Learning

Connecting classroom knowledge with civic engagement, community-based learning places students in targeted service positions that help them apply the skills they gain on campus toward the benefit of our society.

Study Abroad

Many Holy Cross students take advantage of yearlong study abroad opportunities. During their time away, they further their studies while immersing themselves in foreign cultures, languages and customs.


Internships are one of the best ways for students to learn whether a career is truly right for them. They also provide a great résumé boost and set the stage for life after Holy Cross.

Semester Away Programs

Holy Cross students looking to dive deeper into a work environment or a specialized field of study, can take part in two flagship semester away options: the New York Semester Program and the Washington Semester Program. Through the Semester Away Program, students looking for academic courses not offered at Holy Cross may also propose to study for a semester at another United States college or university.

Global Perspectives

In order to navigate an increasingly interconnected world, we must first understand the multifaceted nature of the role we play as global citizens.

Lectures and Culture

Members of the Holy Cross community remain engaged with current issues and events by attending and participating in lecture series, performances, symposia, visiting scholar presentations and other mind-expanding activities.

Liberal Arts in the World

The College has recently established the Center for Liberal Arts in the World to help students identify and pursue opportunities outside of the classroom, and to better articulate the value of these opportunities as part of their Holy Cross education.