Discovery and Research

At Holy Cross, asking questions is a way of life. When faced with a challenge, we lead with our curiosity and set bold expectations for ourselves. We don’t just want to find the answers — we want to achieve meaningful understanding, and to open ourselves to new questions along the way.


Limitless Learning

In an age of instant gratification, many people are satisfied with the easy answer. Not so at Holy Cross. We want to dig deeper and gain a true understanding of challenging subject matter — whether it’s literary theory, biochemistry or macroeconomics. Our students pursue innovative research projects and honors-level courses with drive and focus, constantly striving to achieve at the highest level.

Through the liberal arts tradition, we know that interdisciplinary and in-depth exploration is required to solve complex problems. By pushing ourselves to analyze and probe these problems, we expand the limits of what is known — growing as scholars and as people along the way.


‘Ignite’ Your Passion

To aid in their journey of discovery, the Ignite Project-Based Learning Fellowships at Holy Cross provide students with funds to match their questions to the world’s needs.

College Scholars

The College Scholars program offers exceptional opportunities to students who set themselves apart — academically, creatively or through leadership and service.

College Honors

This prestigious, rigorous program brings together some of our top students in a series of high-level, interdisciplinary seminars and colloquia.

Fenwick Scholars

Only one student each year is selected as a Fenwick Scholar — one of the highest academic honors available at Holy Cross.

Student Research

As an undergraduate-only institution, Holy Cross students engage with frontier topics through dynamic research opportunities beginning as early as sophomore year.