College Honors Program


The College Honors Program — one of the oldest programs at Holy Cross to provide special educational opportunities for students — brings together academically accomplished and highly motivated students to pursue multidisciplinary studies in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. 

This highly selective and challenging program is composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors from any major. Guided by rotating faculty experts, students regularly meet and work to explore how knowledge from different areas can be tested and integrated across disciplines.

Students are required to take two seminars specifically designed for the Honors program, to participate in a weekly honors colloquium — a series of interdisciplinary discussions — and to undertake an ambitious but rewarding independent project that culminates in a senior thesis. Through an emphasis on independent research, the program prepares students for their intensive thesis projects, which students publicly present at the annual academic conference.

Additionally, some academic departments offer their own honors programs. Details of these programs can be found on the individual academic department sites.


College Honors Program Director
Professor Ellen Perry
Director, College Scholar Programs
Professor of Classics
Fenwick 414

Administrative Assistant
Diane Girard
Smith 333