The Fenwick Scholar Program

The Fenwick Scholar Program is the highest academic honor the College bestows on a student. The scholar designs and participates in a rigorous academic project over the course of the senior year. 

From among third-year students nominated by their major departments, the Fenwick Selection Committee — which includes the president of the College, and the Provost — selects the student(s) most worthy of this unique academic opportunity. The Scholar designs, with one or more advisors, a program of independent research or a project that will in effect be his or her entire curriculum for the senior year.  (Projects are normally the equivalent of 3 -6 courses.) Through these projects, the Fenwick Scholar is expected to complete his or her undergraduate education in the most challenging, creative, and meaningful way. At the end of the fourth year, the Fenwick Scholar is required to give a public presentation to the College community, and to present an appropriate record of this achievement to the College library.

  • Instructions for Application (PDF)
  • Cover Page (PDF)