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Residence Halls

First-Year Halls

Brooks Hall

  • Brooks, the largest residence hall, is located at the end of Easy Street and houses approximately 450 first-year students.

Clark Hall

  • Clark is located on Easy Street between Brooks and Hanselman and houses approximately 220 first-year students.

Hanselman Hall

  • Hanselman is the middle hall of the five halls on Easy Street and houses approximately 220 first-year students.

Sophomore Halls

Healy Hall

  • Healy is located on Easy Street between the Hogan Campus Center and Lehy, and is home to approximately 200 sophomores.

Lehy Hall

  • Lehy is on Easy Street between Healy and Hanselman, and is home to approximately 180 sophomores.

Wheeler Hall

  • Located between the Field House and the Swords Science Complex, Wheeler is home to about 280 sophomore students. 

Upper-Class Halls

Figge Hall

  • The most recently constructed residence hall, the four-story, 60,000-square foot building, accommodates 156 seniors in 39 apartments. Each apartment consists of a living room, dining area, full kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.

Alumni and Carlin Halls

  • Located on either side of Kimball Dining Hall, Alumni and Carlin house 188 and 169 upper-class students, respectively. They are the two oldest residence halls at Holy Cross.

Loyola Hall

  • Loyola has the distinction of being the largest upper-class residence hall on campus. It is located behind the College Chapel and next to the Millard Art Center. Loyola houses 300 students, is home to the Health Center and a fitness studio that opened in 2011.

Williams Hall

  • Opened in 2003, the five-story, 85,000-square foot building, accommodates 244 seniors in 61 apartments. Each apartment consists of a living room, dining area, full kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.


In each residence hall there is a common lounge, a study lounge, and laundry facilities. A standard residence hall room typically contains one desk, desk chair, desk lamp, dresser, bookcase, and bed per occupant. Each bed is a twin and uses extra long sheets (“college size” sheets are recommended).

Every room has a window and fire-retardant drapes. Most rooms have tiled floors. As overhead lighting is not provided in most residence halls, students are encouraged to bring an extra, non-halogen, lamp.