Study Abroad


The department offers a unique study abroad program to London, the theatre capital of the world, where students see more than 25 shows in a four-week period.

British Theatre in Perspective is an immersive study program exploring English art and culture in London. The numerous cultural institutions of the city — the museums, galleries, and exhibits — serve as educational resources that enrich theatrical viewing. 

Class sessions provide opportunities for contextualization and reflection; afternoon field trips offer exposure to major cultural institutions; and evening are spent watching some of the finest theatrical productions in the world ranging from commercial offerings in the West End to radical experimentation on the Fringe. 

London becomes a site of exploration as students encounter the geography, architecture and people of this commercial and artistic world center. The London residency is augmented by a day trip to Greenwich. 

The 2023 program will run from May 27th to June 24th.

Schedule for Maymester 2024