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Open auditions are held twice a year for mainstage productions. Students, faculty, and members of the Holy Cross community are welcome.
The Dance Program and Minor allows students to minor in dance, offering a wide range of styles: jazz, modern, ballet.
Learn and perform the rich traditions of music, mask, dance, and theatre of Bali, Indonesia.
The department offers interested students a variety of backstage and acting opportunities.
The major or minor in film studies allows students to investigate the subject through a combination of lecture classes and seminars.
The student-run theater group provides more opportunities to get involved in all aspects of theatrical production.
Students are invited to participate in a four-week program of culture and theatre in London.

Student Advisory Group

Like every other department in the college, the Department of Theatre has a Student Advisory Committee (SAC) of seven members with representatives from each class. The chair of the committee and one other committee member attend department meetings; members of the committee administer teaching evaluation forms each semester. SAC has input into hiring and tenure decisions for the department.