Production Photo Galleries

An apartment in London.  A couple are standing close together and talking earnestly.
"The 39 Steps"

Fall 2021, directed by Scott Malia

"Budi and the Hornbill"

Streaming May 2021, directed by Lynn Kremer

"(le) Deluge"

Streaming February 2021, Directed by Meaghan Deiter

"She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms"

Streaming November 2020, directed by Scott Malia

"Richard II"

Spring 2020, directed by Edward Isser
Rehearsal photos; cancelled by Covid


February 2020, directed by Meaghan Deiter

Ah, Wilderness!
"Ah, Wilderness"

November 2019, directed by Eric Butler

"Once in a Lifetime"

April 2019, directed by Steve Vineberg

"Little Women: The Musical"

February 2019, directed by Meaghan Deiter

"Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night"

November 2018, directed by Scott Malia

"The Skin of Our Teeth"

April 2018, directed by Tyler Dobrowsky

"Fuente Ovejuna"

November 2017, directed by Ed Isser

"The Royal Family"

April 2017, directed by
Steve Vineberg


November 2016, directed by
Scott Malia


April 2016, directed by Edward Isser


November 2015
Conceived, directed, media design by Troika Ranch, assistant directed by Lynn Kremer


April 2015, directed by
Steve Vineberg

"Cloud 9"

November 2014, directed by Scott Malia


April 2014, directed by
Shana Gozansky

"The London Merchant"

November 2013, directed by Scott Malia

"The Wild Duck"

April 2013, directed by
Steve Vineberg


November 2012, directed by Ed Isser

"Shackled Spirits"

May 2012, co-directed by Lynn Kremer, Suasthi Bandem and Made Bandem (also featured at Bali Arts Festival in Indonesia 2013)

"The Changeling"

November 2011, directed by Ed Isser

"The Time of Your Life"

April 2011, directed by
Steve Vineberg

"Hay Fever"

November 2010, directed by Scott Malia

"Phoolan Devi: The Bandit Queen"

April 2010, directed by Lynn Kremer

"The Servant of Two Masters"

November 2009, directed by Scott Malia

"The Cherry Orchard"

April 2009, directed by
Steve Vineberg


November 2008, directed by Ed Isser

"Dinner at Eight"

April 2008, directed by
Steve Vineberg

"My Life With Albertine"

November 2007, directed by Lynn Kremer (winner Moss Hart Memorial Award: Best Production - College Division, New England Theatre Conference)


April 2007, directed by Lynn Kremer


November 2006, directed by Ed Isser
(winner Moss Hart Memorial Award: Best Production - College Division New England Theatre Conference)

"She Loves Me"

directed by Meaghan Deiter