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Theatre Major

The Department of Theatr and Dance offers a major with a 12-course curriculum with two major emphases (Acting and Design).  Double majors are required to take 10 classes (8 required and two electives).  Students do not need to audition to become a theatre major.

Acting Emphasis Design Emphasis

Literature/History Courses
  • Theatre History 1
  • American Drama 1920 to present
  • Modern Drama or
    Theatre History 2
  • Theatre History 1
  • American Drama 1920 to present
  • Modern Drama or
    Theatre History 2

Performance Courses
  • Basic Acting
  • Voice in Acting 1
  • Shakespeare through Performance
  • A dance class
  • Basic Acting

Design Courses
  • Theatre Practicum
    (3 semesters .5 credit)
  • Design and Technical Production
  • Theatre Practicum
    (3 semesters .5 credit)
  • Design and Technical Production
  • Scene Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Costume Design

  • Four additional THEA courses
  • Four additional courses to be taken in either THEA (e.g. Directing, Shakespeare through Performance) or VAST/VAHI (e.g. 3-D Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Drawing, History of Architecture). All electives would be approved by the faculty director of the design emphasis.

All theatre majors will be required to complete a capstone project during the senior year. The capstone requirement is filled by performing, directing, designing (sets, lights, costumes, video, sound), or stage managing a significant production. 

Electives in Dance

  • THEA 111 Basic Dance 
  • THEA 131 Balinese Dance 1-2 
  • THEA 141 Jazz Dance 1-2 
  • THEA 151 Ballet 1-2 
  • THEA 181 Modern Dance 1-2
  • THEA 232 Balinese Dance 3-4 
  • THEA 242 Jazz Dance 3-4 
  • THEA 252 Ballet 3-4 
  • THEA 282 Modern Dance 3-4
  • THEA 450 Dance Performance

Department of Theatre Electives in Performance, Literature, and History 

  • THEA 126 Asian Performance Traditions 
  • THEA 128 Political Theatre 
  • THEA 135 Comedy On Stage and Screen 
  • THEA 140 Holocaust On Stage and Screen
  • THEA 145 Gay Theatre and Film
  • THEA 160 American Film 
  • THEA 165 World Film 
  • THEA 190 Stage Combat
  • THEA 203 Scene Study 
  • THEA 227 Scene Design 
  • THEA 228 Lighting Design 
  • THEA 230 Costume Design 
  • THEA 263 Selected American Stage and Film Artists
  • THEA 302 Voice in Acting 2 
  • THEA 304 Audition Techniques 
  • THEA 340 Advanced Directing 
  • THEA 361 Film as Narrative 
  • THEA 370 Kamikaze Acting
  • THEA 400 Tutorial/Theatre 
  • THEA 405 Performance Recital 
  • THEA 406 Performance for Audience

Dance Minor

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers a minor with a six-course curriculum. Students do not need to audition to become dance minors.

Required Classes

One introductory class (Basic Dance, Modern Dance, or Ballet)

One advanced workshop (Dance Performance)

One class in choreography (Composition)

Three Electives

Modern Dance 3-4, Ballet 3-4, Jazz 3-4

Basic Acting

Design and Technical Production/Lighting Design

Stage Combat

Voice in Acting

Balinese Dance

Create Lab

Fundamentals of Music

Do I have to audition to become a theatre major?

No. Students may include supplementary material directly to the Admissions office with their admissions materials. These are forwarded to the department for evaluation, but are not a requirement.

Can I also major in another discipline?

Yes. It is important to plan carefully and to let your advisor know that you are interested in being a double major. Students do not declare a major until they have been on campus for at least two semesters, so it is wise to take a theatre class or two in the freshman year to be sure that a double major is in your future.