Dance Program and Minor

Want to minor in dance?  A beginner who wants to explore? Someone who wants to build on a previous dance background? The Dance Program at Holy Cross covers a wide range of styles: jazz, modern, ballet. Our courses and tutorials are grounded in an understanding of dance history, as well as technique and composition. The courses fulfill the College's arts requirement; students may minor in dance. View the dance minor requirements.

Jazz - Modern - Ballet - Hip Hop / Breaking - Balinese

“I give students tools to find self-expression and creativity.  I want students to feel more comfortable in their own bodies, to have heightened self-esteem, new friends, and a connection and understanding of musicality and movement."

Jimena Bermejo
Professor of Practice and Lecturer in Dance
Director of Dance Program



”I approach both kinesthetic and academic learning with an awareness of diversity and individuality, honing in on important fundamentals that foster self-confidence and a sense of community in the classroom. “

Audra Carabetta
Dance Lecturer



"I help students explore their individuality and learn from one another through movement.  I give students the space to experience dance as a shared language where we process life struggles and develop a deep sense of kinship and community."

Taylor Travassos-Lomba
Dance Lecturer




Lecture Demonstration on Breakdancing


At the invitation of the Holy Cross Dance program, Taylor Travassos-Lomba (aka RTHYM) and b-boy and b-girl dancers from Rhode Island and Worcester gave a lecture-demonstration about breakin' in Memorial Plaza on Oct. 21, 2019. In addition to the performance, the dancers taught two master classes.  He is currently teaching hip hop / breaking at Holy Cross.