Funding Sources

The Crusader Internship Fund is available through a number of specific funding sources.

The Holy Cross Alumni Association (HCAA) conveys the invitation from the College to all alumni to join with all other segments of the Holy Cross Community to accomplish the College’s Mission to educate students to become leaders and contributors to our society in their business, professional and civil lives reflecting high intellectual and ethical standards. The HCAA partners with Holy Cross Regional Clubs from Boston, Cape Cod, and Greater Hartford to provide summer internship funding for employers in those areas and/or Holy Cross students who call those areas home. 

Bob and Mickey Atchinson P’05, ‘07, saw firsthand the benefits of internship experience through their son’s experience.  In 2007 they established a fund to provide financial support for students completing internships at non-profit agencies.

Judy P91 and Jim Beale ‘65, P91 established a fund to support Holy Cross students who secure otherwise unpaid internships at non profit organizations that are ideally aligned with social justice causes. 

Holy Cross students who are active participants in the Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society Programs and secure an otherwise unpaid internship may be eligible to receive Ciocca funds.

Mike Daniels ‘76, P04, 03 established a fund to support students at unpaid internships across all industries and locations.

The Holy Cross Leadership Council was founded in 1997 to raise the profile of the College among business leaders in the New York metropolitan area. The Council provides financial support to offset the cost of otherwise unpaid internships for Holy Cross students. 

Originally funded from The Lilly Vocation Discernment Initiative, Holy Cross’ Reflection and Vocation Programs are a resource for members of the Holy Cross community to reflect on questions of meaning and purpose for discerning their own life's work.  Since 2003, the Center for Career Development has worked to connect students with internships at non-profit organizations to help students discern a vocation that is meaningful, enjoyable and makes the best use of their unique talents.

The Power Family established a fund in 2006 in order for students to complement Holy Cross’ challenging liberal arts curriculum with demanding work experiences.  This endowed gift funds  interns each summer at a business in the Greater Worcester area.

Through a generous endowment to the college, the William F. McCall, Jr. '55 Summer Internship Fund has been established to financially support Holy Cross students at Boston area internships.

The McKay family established a fund that provides financial support to students who may be financially unable to participate in career-enriching Holy Cross experiences. Those students with demonstrated financial need may receive additional funding to support costs associated with their unpaid internship.

Please Note

Students need not apply for individual funding sources. If awarded funding, the Center for Career Development staff will determine the most relevant funding source.