Meet our Peer Career Assistants

Peer Career Assistants (PCAs) within the Center for Career Developemnt are additional support staff for all Holy Cross students.

Aleyra Lamarche ’18

Hometown: Lawrence, MA
Major: Sociology
Favorite Campus Activity: Attending L.A.S.O Events
Favorite Cool Beans Beverage: Caramel Latte
Favorite Study Spot On Campus: Kimball in between meal times
Favorite Building On Campus: Beaven
One Fun Fact You Want to Share: I spent a month in Paris this summer.
First Job (paid or unpaid): I worked for a company called Johnson O'Hare in high school.
Career Interests: Higher Education, Nonprofit, Counseling Services
Advice for Younger/First Year Students: Take risks, don't be afraid to try something new and challenge yourself everyday


Anthony Saltarelli ‘18

Hometown: Wilton, CT
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Campus Activity: Planning CAB Events!
Favorite Cool Beans Beverage: Hot Chocolate
Favorite Study Spot On Campus: Right above the Science Cafe
Favorite Building On Campus: Hogan
One Fun Fact You Want to Share: I have made two iPhone apps!
First Job (paid or unpaid): YMCA Camp Counselor for 3rd grade boys
Career Interests: I want to be a Product Manager at a Tech Company (preferably an established startup)
Advice for Younger/First Year Students: Going to college is a huge adjustment and can be overwhelming at times, but just take it one step at a time. So much will happen and it is important to take a step back and reflect. Don't underestimate how important your first year is either; have fun but remember to focus on your academics and job development! And if not everything goes right, don't worry... it never does! Just remember to be flexible and you'll succeed in anything you set your mind to.

Casey Rooney '18

Hometown: Ludlow, MA
Major: (If you are undecided, what are you considering?) Economics
Favorite Campus Activity: Football Games and Tailgating
Favorite Cool Beans Beverage: Iced Tea- Sweetened
Favorite Study Spot On Campus: Rehm
Favorite Building On Campus: Smith
One Fun Fact You Want to Share: I spent my junior year away from Holy Cross, one semester interning in NYC and one semester studying abroad in Ireland
First Job (paid or unpaid): Camp Counselor
Career Interests: Marketing/Communications
Advice for Younger/First Year Students: Make Alumni Connections! They want to help and love working with current students!


Louis Hurtado ‘19

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Major: Math & Economics
Favorite Campus Activity: LASO and Spring Weekend
Favorite Cool Beans Beverage: Large Iced Coffee with 2 sugars (no milk or cream)
Favorite Study Spot On Campus: Cool Beans
Favorite Building On Campus: Swords
One Fun Fact You Want to Share: I love hiking and being outdoors.
First Job (paid or unpaid): I was a Counselor In Training for 8 weeks at a summer camp in Waterford, Maine. It was technically unpaid, but I received a surprise stipend at the end!
Career Interests: Finance
Advice for Younger/First Year Students: As hard as Holy Cross can get, everything will fall into place, and never lose focus on the reasons you're here.


Matthew Fischetti ‘18

Hometown: Summit, Nj
Major: Economics
Favorite Campus Activity: Intramural Basketball, Football Tailgates
Favorite Cool Beans Beverage: Iced Coffee w/ Mocha
Favorite Study Spot On Campus: Science Library
Favorite Building On Campus: Clark
One Fun Fact You Want to Share: Over the Summer I placed third in a pie eating contest
First Job (paid or unpaid): Lifeguard
Career Interests: Finance
Advice for Younger/First Year Students: Go to office hours as much as possible.

Meghan Lewis '18

Hometown: Bernardsville, NJ
Major: Mathematics
Favorite Campus Activity: Midnight Breakfast
Favorite Cool Beans Beverage: Iced Chai
Favorite Study Spot On Campus: Classrooms in Stein
Favorite Building On Campus: Science Building
One Fun Fact You Want to Share: I love to parallel park
First Job (paid or unpaid): Teaching tennis
Career Interests: Working towards education equality whether in or outside of the classroom
Advice for Younger/First Year Students: Just as it is important to get to know your professors, get to know your career counselors! It makes intimidating internship and job searches sooo much easier


Nerelly Checo ‘18

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Sociology and Psychology
Favorite Campus Activity: Hanging out with friends in Hogan
Favorite Cool Beans Beverage: Caramel Iced Latte
Favorite Study Spot on Campus: The classrooms in Beaven after hours
Favorite Building on Campus: Hogan
One Fun Fact You Want to Share: I am the oldest in my family on both sides, so I have been the first to go through everything (except receive my driver's license)
First Job: My first job was working at the endoscopy unit at my local hospital as a secretary's assistant
Career Interests: Marketing
Advice for Younger/First Year Students: It is never too early to start networking! Holy Cross is really good at maintaining a strong network and it is only to your advantage to meet fellow HC alums