Frequently Asked Questions

The Crusader Internship Fund is a signature initiative of the Center for Career Development. Sophomores and juniors who secure an unpaid internship for the summer can apply for funding to help offset the cost of doing the internship.  Students are eligible for funding once during their time at Holy Cross.  Applications will be reviewed and funding decisions will be made on a rolling basis within 5 business days of the request based on the quality of the student’s application materials and benefit to student. Funding is not guaranteed. 

An application form with information about the internship and a few short answer questions and consent to obtain financial aid information. 

Matriculating sophomores and juniors are eligible to receive summer internship funding once during their time at Holy Cross. Students must have an unpaid internship offer in hand to apply.

No, you must have an unpaid internship offer in hand before you can request funding. 

Funding consists of a standardized stipend award of $3500 for a full-time internship and $2500 for a part-time internship. Students who need to relocate for their internship are eligible to receive an additional $500-$1,000 relocation award, depending on location. A $1,000 relocation award will be given to students relocating to New York City or Washington, D.C., students relocating to all other locations will receive $500.  Additionally, students that demonstrate financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office, will be eligible for an additional $1,000 award. The maximum award will be $6,000 for those that qualify.
The first half of the stipend will be disbursed towards the end of the spring semester and the second half of the stipend will be disbursed to you upon completion of your midpoint evaluation. PLEASE NOTE: THE AWARD IS NOT EXPECTED TO REPLACE WAGES OR COVER ALL OF YOUR SUMMER EXPENSES. THE AWARD IS MEANT TO PROVIDE SOME FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND INCREASE ACCESS TO UNPAID INTERNSHIPS THAT STUDENTS MAY NOT OTHERWISE BE ABLE TO ACCEPT.

A dedicated supervisor who is overseeing the learning and growth of the student
The experience is clearly defined by the host organization as an internship
Proper on-boarding of the student to the organization i.e. training and resources provided at the start of the internship to set the intern up for success
Performing tasks that are similar in nature to an entry-level employee (without displacing an employee)
Involvement in staff meetings, calls and other meetings with clients and constituents (when possible)
Opportunity to experience the culture of the organization and understand the workplace setting and dynamics of “work” in a particular industry (lab, trading floor, traditional office, etc.)
Development of skill and Industry knowledge through immersion 

The Center for Career Development will review all applications for funding and make a decision based on:
Internship offer in hand
Quality of submitted application materials
Benefit to student
Availability of funds

It is possible to receive funding for internships secured outside of Handshake and we encourage students to cast a wide net during their internship search.  Please note, if a student secured an internship overseas, there is no additional funding available for travel or expenses. 

Internships can be part-time (200-249 total hours) or full-time (250-300 total hours). Students will not be funded for hours worked beyond 300 total hours or under 200 hours. 

Employers, graduate schools, fellowships, and volunteer programs expect college students to have meaningful and challenging work-related experience. An internship allows a student to explore a particular career field and industry, apply the skills developed in the classroom in a new environment, make contacts, and gain experience which will prove helpful no matter what the student chooses to do after graduating from Holy Cross. 

There are hundreds of internship opportunities available through Handshake.  In addition, students should be using other resources to access internships (,, LinkedIn, networking, etc).  Internships cultivated through the college are predominantly in the Northeast. However, we have funded students across the United States in a variety of roles.

Internships are available in just about every conceivable industry.  Students just need to learn how to look for them. The Center for Career Development works with students to help them tailor an effective internship search. Students can schedule an appointment with a career counselor via Handshake.

Many employers are ideally looking for rising seniors but opportunities exist for all other class years and majors.  Specific qualifications for the internships will be listed in the individual position description. Only matriculating sophomores and juniors are eligible for funding through the Crusader Internship Fund.  

Yes. All students who receive funding will be required to:

  • Request an experience in Handshake and identify career competency based learning outcomes
  • Participate in Internship Send Off Workshop
  • Complete a midpoint and final evaluation
  • Send a thank you note to donor(s) and internship supervisors
  • Attend a virtual "Concluding your Internship on the Right Foot!" Workshop 
  • Participate in the College's Experiential Learning Partial Credit Program
  • Serve as a CIF Intern for the next academic year and provide the CCD a headshot photo for the intern spotlight campaign
  • Inclusion in the Crusader Intern Directory

Absolutely! You are encouraged to apply to internships while you are away from campus.  Applications are all online and accessible regardless of where you are geographically. 

Students are responsible for securing their own housing.  Resources for summer housing are available through the Center for Career Development website.  

Unfortunately there are no additional resources provided by the college for funding summer internships and funding is limited and not guaranteed. 

Micro-internships, or projects cannot be funded through the Crusader Internship Fund. The Crusader Internship Fund only funds students participating at either part-time  (200-249 total hours) internships or full-time internships (250 to 300 total hours). Students will not receive funding for hours worked that exceed 300 hours or for hours less than 200.

The Crusader Internship Fund can fund students participating in remote internships.