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There are many steps you can take towards discerning your career goals if you are unsure, just starting to explore options, or if you already know what career path you want to pursue. Learning about a variety of careers through both live and self paced content is advised. Cultivating a professional network of support can be an effective pathway to career success.

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A liberal arts education provides an excellent foundation for the challenges and opportunities that students encounter in both personal and professional situations throughout their lives. The liberal arts emphasize academic breadth and depth supported by essential foundational skills — such as critical thinking, clear communication, and careful analysis and synthesis of information — that are relevant in every line of work and study. With a liberal arts background you will be able to be flexible, adaptable, and well-equipped to handle career changes and shifts in the job market.

Are You Career Ready? - Career Readiness is the attainment and demonstration of competencies that prepare you for a successful transition to the workplace. Employers want to hire talented college students and recent graduates who can demonstrate these skills, talents, and strengths. Through internship experiences, you will likely develop skills in some or all of these key areas that will prepare you for your next steps, whatever they may be.

Explore Career Communities 

The Center for Career Development has created Career Communities to cluster occupations and industries to help you explore, engage with and discern careers that ideally align with your interests, strengths, values and goals. Joining a Career Community can help you leverage your Holy Cross experience and your liberal arts degree to discover meaning and make the most of your talents after Holy Cross. These communities will connect you with your peers, alumni, employers, and faculty who will support your pursuit of success. 

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Explore career paths, identify and apply to opportunities and cultivate personal networks that shape your lifelong professional journey. Join one or join them all.


1. Log onto Handshake
2. Click your name on the top right hand side & choose CAREER INTERESTS from the drop down 
3. Select the Career Communities you want to join and save


Career Community Resources - On Handshake you can find lists of job boards, professional associations and resources based on industry and Career Community as well industry specific one pagers.