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Rev. James Bernauer, S.J.: Jesuit Kaddish

Encounters Between Jesuits and Jews and Why These Might Matter to Us

Date of Lecture: October 26, 2015

Rev. James Bernauer, S.J.About the Speaker: Rev. James Bernauer, S.J. is Kraft Family Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and director of its Center for Christian-Jewish Learning. He co-edited with Robert Maryks a book titled, "'The Tragic Couple': Encounters Between Jews and Jesuits" (Brill, 2013) and is currently working on a book project about Jesuits and Jews during the period of the Holocaust.

About the Talk: Fr. Bernauer offer an overview of how Jesuits became a leader in dialogue with Jews and will focus on encounters in the 20th century, with special attention on the historical context of the Holocaust.

This talk is supported by the Kraft-Hiatt Fund for Jewish-Christian Understanding and co-sponsored with the College's Mission and Identity Committee.

Watch the talk below or download it free from iTunes U. Download Fr. Bernauer's outline. (PDF)