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Rabbi Abie Ingber: From Tolerance to Celebration

Confessions of a Jewish Bridge Builder

Date of Lecture: March 14, 2013

Abie IngberAbout the Speaker: Rabbi Abie Ingber is executive director of the Center for Interfaith Community Engagement at Xavier University, a fellow Jesuit institution in Cincinnati. The son of Polish Holocaust survivors who relocated after the war to Canada, Ingber has advocated for immigrants around the world. In 2009, he traveled to Darfur with the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society to experience refugees' situation and to share his message of hope. In 2010, HIAS work took him to Uganda and Kenya. In 2012, he was an eyewitness in Ethiopia to the repatriation of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Prior to his work at Xavier, Ingber served as executive director of the Hillel Jewish Student Center in Cincinnati for over 30 years.

About the Lecture: Recognized for his work advancing Catholic-Jewish dialogue, Ingber shares with the Holy Cross community possibilities for interfaith collaboration and celebration across all religions.

"Living in solidarity with others is not just an option in this global, pluralistic society, and especially not as part of a community that worships a God of all people," Ingber said. "To bless and celebrate the other is a moral, intellectual and spiritual imperative and an essential part of being true to our mission as a university, a Jesuit Catholic university."

This lecture was supported by the Kraft-Hiatt Program for Jewish-Christian Understanding.

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