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Mary Jo Bane: Bringing Equal Opportunity for Children to an Unequal Society

Date of Lecture: November 18, 2015

Mary Jo BaneAbout the Speaker: Mary Jo Bane is Thornton Bradshaw Professor of Public Policy and Management at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Previously, she was Assistant Secretary of Children and Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under President Clinton. Bane is the author of many books and articles on poverty, education, families and welfare, including, with Lawrence Mead, “Lifting Up the Poor: A Dialogue on Religion, Poverty and Welfare Reform,” published in 2003.

About the Talk: Professor Bane illustrates the disparity in children's education outcomes and opportunities based on parents' education levels, income and relationship status. She suggests some ways government — federal, state and local — as well as community organizations and churches can help close the gap.

One of the Deitchman Family Lectures on Religion and Modernity.

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