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Frank Graziano: Miraculous Images and Votive Offerings in Mexico

Date of Lecture: October 5, 2015

Frank GrazianoAbout the Speaker: Frank Graziano is the John D. MacArthur Professor of Hispanic Studies at Connecticut College and author of books including "Undocumented Dominican Migration" (University of Texas Press, 2013), "Wounds of Love: The Mystical Marriage of St. Rose of Lima" (Oxford University Press, 2004), and "Cultures of Devotion: Folk Saints of Spanish America" (Oxford University Press, 2006).

About the Lecture: Graziano shares fieldwork from his forthcoming book "Miraculous Images and Votive Offerings in Mexico" (Oxford University Press, November 2015). He describes the votary process, what endows a statue or painting with miraculous powers, and how devotees interpret miracles. He illustrates the wide variety of petitionary and votive offerings, from collages to clothing, letters, braids, locks, harvests and more.

This lecture is part of the initiative on Catholics & Cultures and one of the Deitchman Family Lectures on Religion and Modernity.

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