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A Fishbowl Discussion: Trigger Warnings in the Classroom

Date of Discussion: September 16, 2014

About the Discussion: Trigger warnings are providing advanced notice about the intent to cover sensitive content (i.e. rape, torture, suicide, self-harming or shaming behaviors) that may cause trauma to students who have personal experience with it. Recently, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) issued a statement condemning the use of trigger warnings in college classrooms. Holy Cross professors discuss if and how they use trigger warnings in their teaching and the information and approaches that would be most helpful in making the classroom a safe place for covering sometimes emotionally difficult subject matter.

Featured Discussants: Jeffrey Bernstein, associate professor of philosophy; Matthew Elliot, senior psychologist in the Counseling Center and a lecturer in psychology; Lisa Fluet, assistant professor of English; Alison Ludden, associate professor of psychology; and Ann Sheehy, associate professor of biology. Moderated by Matthew Koss, professor of physics and director of the Center for Teaching.

Co-sponsored with the Center for Teaching.

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