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A Fishbowl Discussion: Edward Snowden: Whistleblower? Traitor?

Date of Event: September 19, 2013

About the Discussion: This discussion considers the moral status of Edward Snowden, who is accused of leaking top-secret information on United States and British government mass surveillance programs. According to a recent poll, only about a third of Americans (and one fifth of 18-29 year olds) think Snowden is a traitor, and most think he should be considered a whistleblower. Are these even adequate moral categories for understanding Snowden? What should happen to Snowden now?

Featured Participants: Bruce Bunke, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science; Marios Dardos '16; Daniel Klinghard, Associate Professor of Political Science; Constance Royden, Associate Professor of Computer Science; and David Shettler, Information Security Officer. Thomas M. Landy, director of the McFarland Center, moderates.

Watch the discussion below or download it free from iTunes U.