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Daniel Philpott: The Islam Question: Why Religious Freedom is the Answer

Date of Lecture: September 19, 2019

Daniel PhilpottAbout the Speaker: Daniel Philpott is professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame and author of “Religious Freedom In Islam: The Fate of a Universal Human Right in the Muslim World Today” (Oxford University Press, 2019). An expert in peace building and reconciliation, he is a senior associate scholar at the Religious Freedom Institute.

About the Lecture: In his talk, Philpott describes three types of regimes among majority-Muslim countries—those that have religious freedom, those that are secular repressive and those that are religious repressive—and how each addresses religious plurality and an openness to democratic governance. He explains how the adoption of religious freedom by the Catholic Church—after centuries of struggle—can inform the process in the Islamic world, and he proposes a transnational network of religious freedom constituencies to collaborate on the issue.

His talk is one of the Deitchman Family Lectures on Religion and Modernity. Closed Captions Available