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Cyril O'Regan: The Gift of Modernity

Date of Lecture: April 6, 2017

Cyril O'ReganAbout the Speaker: Cyril O'Regan is Endowed Professor and Huisking Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. He has published five books: "Anatomy of Misremembering (1): Balthasar's Response to Philosophical Modernity. Vol. 1: Hegel" (Crossroad, 2014); "Theology and the Spaces of the Apocalyptic" (Marquette University Press, 2009); "Gnostic Apocalypse: Jacob Boehme's Haunted Narrative" (SUNY Press, 2002); "Gnostic Return in Modernity" (SUNY Press, 2001); and "The Heterodox Hegel" (SUNY Press, 1994).

About the Talk: O'Regan categorizes responses to modernity as a gift as "cheerers," those who accept modernity as a gift; "weepers," those who reject modernity; and "shadow seers," those who see the gift of modernity with ambiguity and doubleness. He offers philosophical and theological justifications for each view.

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His talk is one of the Deitchman Family Lectures for Religion and Modernity.