Faculty Profiles

Together, the Offices of College Marketing and Communications, the Provost and ITS have developed a structure to highlight our faculty. 

Goals include: 

  • presenting faculty information in a consistent and professional manner while allowing flexibility for individual faculty needs;
  • enhancing the overall usability of our site.

Faculty Listing Pages

All academic program faculty and staff listings are maintained and updated in collaboration with the Provost’s Office. Each faculty listing includes a link to a faculty profile page.


Faculty Profile Pages

All permanent faculty should have a faculty profile page. Basic information for these pages is maintained and updated in collaboration with the Provost’s Office. This information includes: 

  • full name
  • department/program(s)
  • title (rank)
  • other titles (director, department chair, etc.)
  • degree, institution
  • fields
  • email  
  • office phone
  • office number
  • office hours

In addition, faculty members have the ability to add other information including: a recent photo (200 px by 267 px), a brief biography, CV (dated), lab information/location, research, recent work, recent publications, awards, as well as links to professional, personal or research websites, and links to personal social media accounts. 


We have a limited amount of time to capture the attention of website visitors, therefore content on the website should be scannable. Avoid detailed lists of professional accomplishments (e.g., limit bulleted lists to six items). However, faculty members are strongly encouraged to highlight detailed accounts of professional experiences and accomplishments by uploading a dated CV in PDF format to their faculty profile page. 


Faculty members are strongly encouraged to include a short biography written in the first person (no more than 300 words). Bios should include information about their specialty and discipline, passion for teaching, how students are involved in their research and scholarship, and how they help mentor students in producing original work. Bios should be written in narrative format and be conversational and friendly in tone. 

Editing Faculty Profiles

Faculty members have the ability to add this information in a number of ways:

  1. by attending website content editing (Drupal) training and updating their own content (send an email to web-request@holycross.edu to initiate a training session)
  2. by working with their department web editor 
  3. by sending an email to  web-request@holycross.edu requesting an update

Template and Examples

Faculty Photos

Only professional headshots sized at 200 px by 267 px should be used on faculty profile pages. The headshots and photo sizes on the faculty and staff listing pages and faculty profile pages must be the same. Faculty members who are in need of a headshot should contact John Buckingham in Audio-Visual Services/Information Technology Services. 

Individual Websites

As noted above, faculty members have the ability to link to additional websites from these profile pages. There is no limit to the number of websites that are linked and can include personal, professional, gallery, or other sites. For those faculty members who would like to maintain an individual website, ITS staff members are available to assist them in creating a Holy Cross Google Site. 

If you have any questions or require any edits, please email web-request@holycross.edu

Faculty Websites