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Academic Program Sites

Nick Markantonatos, assistant director for web content in College Marketing and Communications, is currently meeting with each academic program on campus. Nick expects to have met with all academic programs by the end of the 2019 calendar year. If you would like to inquire about the status of your site, please email

If your program site has already been overhauled, there are a number of things you can do to ensure it is up to date and most effective in communicating your story to the world. The following list offers some ideas.

If your program site hasn't been overhauled but edits are necessary, your department web editor is free to make those edits through Drupal, our web content management system. For assistance, view the Drupal toolkit and user guide. Questions? Need help? Email

Faculty Profiles

Each faculty member has a profile page linked from the Faculty & Staff page associated with each academic program site. Faculty members are advised to keep their individual profiles up-to-date and complete.

View detailed information about updating faculty profiles.


The Courses page lists all courses that appear in the annual College Catalog. These pages are updated by College Marketing and Communications shortly after the Catalog is released each year, typically in late August or early September.  


Requirements for major(s), minor(s), concentration(s), should be reviewed annually to ensure they are complete and up to date.

Opportunities and Research

Are all opportunities that students can avail themselves of represented on your academic program’s site? These include research, department clubs, department publications/journals, internships, study abroad, Washington and New York Semester Programs, Teacher Education Program, honors programs, etc. If there's a site that explains the program in greater detail, link to the site so readers can get more information, and consider tailoring the short descriptive copy on your site to students in your academic program.

Some academic programs that conduct extensive research, such as the sciences, have pages dedicated exclusively to research. Is that page up to date?

View the Opportunities page on the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies site, and the Opportunities and Research pages on the biology site. Note that the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies site features abstracts of senior theses, content that allows visitors to learn about the hands-on opportunities available within the academic program. Consider doing the same on your program site.


The news feed on each academic program site is fed by content published in the Holy Cross Newsroom by members of College Marketing and Communications and tagged with your academic program name. We encourage all members of the community to submit news leads and story ideas by emailing us at Several members of our office review the items during a weekly news meeting for possible coverage in our various channels: online Newsroom, Holy Cross Magazine, media pitches, etc. Unfortunately, the volume of submissions prevents us from guaranteeing coverage of all submissions.

Events Feed

Similar to the news feed, the events feed is fed by content that is published in the Events Calendar, which is overseen by Nicoleta Jordan, assistant director of media relations in College Marketing and Communications. Any member of the campus community (students, faculty and staff) can submit events. Remember to tag the event with your respective academic program(s) and all other relevant tags when creating the event in EMS.

View detailed information about the Events Calendar. If you have questions about the calendar, please reach out to Nicoleta.


We are always looking to showcase the Holy Cross experience with photography. Avanell Brock, multimedia producer in College Marketing and Communications, is available to take photos. We encourage faculty members to let us know if they are willing to have photos taken in their classrooms. Likewise, we are always looking to illustrate the strong faculty-student interaction at Holy Cross during office hours, labs, rehearsals, practices, etc. Please reach out directly to Avanell with photography requests.

After Graduation

What can students do after they graduate with a major/minor/concentration in your academic program? Consider adding that content to your site. Each site should have an "After Graduation" page on the left-hand navigation.

See the following After Graduation pages for ideas to strengthen yours:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your website, its content, and how to manage or organize it.

Updated: January 14, 2019